Spreading Goodness

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This is a break from the usual book related blogging to comment on my current project. My birthday is next week. These last few months were not easy for me to get through, but I made it! I’m turning 25, and this doesn’t scare me. This is my opportunity to spread goodness - something this world doesn’t see enough of. So I’m doing 25 good deeds. I started a bit early, and have already accomplished 6 of them. I’m doing what I can to help people, animals, minerals, spirits. Everything from giving money to a lady who needed it more than me to visiting the grave of a school mate to giving a local dog a squeaky toy. 

(I got pretty creative) It feels amazing - like my heart feels so light & sweet it’s made out of cotton candy. But otherwise I can’t describe it. I’m aware it’s not entirely selfless, though. On a certain level I’m doing this for praise and so that people will say “There is a wonderful, kind person.” Because that certainly does feel good. But on a larger level, this goes far beyond my ego. What matters is that I’m spreading goodness, smiles, and blessings where they need to go. I will never know who received them. That’s what’s important. 

 Go out and spread goodness. Don’t throw money at it - money won’t solve the world’s problems. Be creative. Be spiritually minded. Be brave and wonderful. And as the saying goes, “Be the change you want to see.” That’s my birthday wish: goodness.

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