H.P. Lovecraft's "The Re-Animator"

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One thing remains consistent with this tradition I have, and it is that pretty much every year I try to read one of H.P. Lovecraft's stories in October. This year, I read his serial classic Hebert West: The Re-Animator.
But first, something I've observed over time about H.P. Lovecraft's cultish following - There are a lot of people who say adore Lovecraft buuuut I doubt that many have really read any of his works: Lovecraft definitely has a bandwagon following. This may not even be true, but I have a few reasons for my suspicions. For one thing, Lovecraft is pretty blatantly racist. In fact, it's not at all subtle. You could pish-posh it away as a sign of the times, but the proof exists in many of his stories, as well as in his personal letters, etc. Another reason is that... well... I'm sorry to piss in anyone's Cheerios, but Lovecraft isn't great writer. He's a tremendously important influence on the modern Horror genre, but at the end of the day, he wrote pulp fictions and that was all. 
Actually, Lovecraft is a fascinating dude who lived a truly bleak life. His father was carted away to a mental institution when he was just 3 years old, where he would die. Lovecraft was in fact mislead as to how his father died. He was raised by this aunts, mother, and very wealthy grandfather. When his grandfather died, he and his mother lived under difficulty together in what was described as a "love/hate relationship." Eventually, she would end up in a mental institution and die there as well, but this time, rather, during surgical complications. Lovecraft went on to marry a woman a few years older than he, but the relationship would dissolve into an odd, passive split when he decided he was homesick, and just... left her. She filed for a divorce which he never signed. It's important to note here that he hated minorities - even White minorities. Including his own wife.
He would become a sort-of hermit for a few years, writing for pulp magazines and passing on career advancements, etc. All-in-all, he was just a weird dude. A lot of people like to talk about him, but not many people know very much about his personal life.

ANYWAY - you can here for "The Re-Animator." Perhaps you've seen the movie - which I haven't, though I understand it's really popular. The Re-Animator is a serialized fiction about two young doctors - one being Hebert West, an unassuming gentleman obsessed with creating a formula for bringing the dead back to life (the other - the unnamed narrator who is Hebert's Best Bud). In each chapter, we're told how Hebert get's his human corpses to experiment on. I guess what makes it especially scary is that he doesn't dispose of them (at least, not intelligently) - so these reanimated corpses could be... anywhere. Even NOW. Ooooohhh... Spooookyyyy. But seriously.
Because it was a magazine serial story, it got repetitive and predictable. It is my understanding, for instance, that Hebert West was "Fair haired and bespectacled." But, for what it's worth, something that I enjoyed about Lovecraft's writing style is that though it may have been written in the early century, it doesn't feel that way. Maybe this is because his casual style is more heavily indebted in our modern style than I realized - in which case, if Lovecraft is a bad writer, than that's what's really scary about his work.

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