On Heaven and Earth

This is the first book I've received and reviewed from the program "Blogging for Books."

Published in English for the first time since it's initial publication in 2010, this is the new Pope Francis' book before-he-was-Pope. As one of my aunts said, "it's a big job to review the Pope!" But be that as it may, I have nothing negative to say about it.
First, I have to explain that while this book was written before Pope Francis was Pope (so I except many people will be interested in reading it) it is actually a transcript of a conversation between he and his friend, the Jewish Rabbi, Abraham Skorka. Readers might be caught off guard by that. It isn't a book of essays written by Pope Francis on every hot button political and moral issue of the modern world. Instead, it's a conversation about every political and moral issue. Both are men are religious leaders, but besides this they are also men of the sciences (Skorka is a Doctor of Chemistry, Bergoglio a chemical engineer). As such, their insights are more three dimensional than some would expect.
What did I think? I thought it was amazing - it should be on every Catholics shelf. Read it and re-read it. Think of it as a sampler book of the brain-pickin's of Pope Francis. An "FAQ," to use internet lingo. Since most of us will never get to sit down with the Pope and ask him questions personally, reading this book will give you an idea of what he would say to you if you could. I can imagine going back to this book over and over again and finding something different.

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