Walking With Mary

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Whoops! It took me a little too long to write this review, but here goes nothing.
Walking with Mary is the latest book I got to review from Blogging For Books. I'm personally very interested in "unknown history" of the Bible. For most Christians the truth is hidden right in front of them, so the "unknown" is actually embarrassingly poorly disguised - if truth be told. But I'm fascinated with the quirks of history - such as why early Christians held women to a much higher value than we do now, because of Mary. (So put that in your juice box and suck on it!)
The Virgin Mary - so adored by Catholics throughout the world and history - is kind of a mystery. She only appears a few times in the New Testament, though she plays such an important role. This book uses her scant appearances to explain what we can't decipher on our own. And thankfully, he does it in very clear, lay-man's terms.

This did not prevent me, however, from shutting my brain down in boredom while reading this. It's a very slim volume, so it isn't tediously long, and the language isn't over-complicated. Yet still, Sri didn't any emphasize new information for me. He does frame Mary in a very interesting, honest, and realistic way. He made me reconsider what I thought I knew about The Holy Mother. Mary (though by unconventional means) is a mother first and foremost - which many women can relate to - and somehow I've never thought of it that way.

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