How to be a Woman

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If You're one of my friends who thought that they beat me to the bookstore and tried to recommend Tina Fey's Bossypants to me 3 years after I read it (you're cute; nice try) then allow me to counter back with a recommendation of my own.
How to Be A Woman is an entertaining, easily digestible break-down of the pitfalls of being a modern woman. This is no academic, silk-handkerchief skirted, henna haired feminism. If that's your brand of feminism, then this book will not be for you. Who this book is for - and I feel like a jackass for even thinking it - any woman who strongly self-identified with Bridget Jones. In other words, if you are a woman who feels at all self-deprecating about all the little girl things - from purses and designer shoes to family in all it's fucked-uppedness - and consider themselves a feminist, you'll probably enjoy this book. Not that this is a totally original concept. How many of these essayist memoirs have I read about the trials and tribulations of being a Thoroughly Modern Millie? From Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, Nora Ephron, and Lord Knows how many Sassy Southern Ladies - the field is well trodden.
So what makes this one special? While I really love this sub-genre - it does a great job of making me snicker and punch at the air - the target audience is usually women. Real Talk for Girls. Gents will only feel put out. But God Bless Caitlin Moran, for she doesn't skewer men. Patriarchy? A little. But she's not a man-hating feminist. I really think there are tons of men in my immediate and extended social circles who would enjoy this more than some of my lady friends. All I have to say is "if you liked Bossypants, you'll Love How to Be a Woman."

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