Will o' The Wisp: An Aurora Grimeon Story

Local Comic Shop
This is a graphic novel I bought only after looking at the cover - a grave mistake indeed. But what a cover! It's hardcover and perhaps you can see well designed, but the best part is the little gilt-metal clasp on the side - like an ancient text. I didn't even trouble myself with trying to open the book in the store - lust took over and I walked straight to the check out.
Alas. I should have known not to trust it. (gosh darn it!) The art wasn't all that. In fact, it kind of sucked. I try to be nice and encouraging to other artists, because even I know that sometimes my own abilities can be easily criticized. But... there is no reason this should have been allowed to pass. The style was dated and a Emily The Strange/ Invader Zim knock-off - and it just wasn't good. The colors were muddled, flat, and blah. The character designs weren't very good either, for instance sometimes the men's expressions were feminine and constipated. And Aurora's upper lip looked like a row of tiny teeth, which I had a hard time over looking and figuring out. The writing wasn't much better either: it was riddled with plot holes. I suppose writing for comics can be difficult and different when you aren't used to it. I can imagine the meetings between the author and artist were enthusiastic, because starting a project like this for the first time would be really exciting, but they needed more than enthusiasm. I hope they'll have learned from the mistakes they made for their 2nd time.

So, what happens here is that teenaged Aurora, as lone survivor of her family, is placed in her Grandfather's care. Her Grandfather is an eccentric old man who lives in a Louisiana swamp. The majority of the residents of this swamp are very superstitious - and even more so as friends and family are being found dead (not long after Aurora's arrival). As a Louisiana native, I personally cringe a little at all the misconceptions, but whatever. I'm kind of used to it and expect it. Besides, the inaccuracies aren't really the worst parts, they just don't redeem any of it.
I probably should have taken more of this is stride because it's supposed to be for teenagers, which means I'm probably too old and pretentious for. Still, it felt like a waste of my time and money. I ended up handing it off to one of my teen-aged cousins.

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