Beautiful Darkness

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I saw an article for this comic book on BuzzFeed and I knew I had to have it. The art is simple and cute, but the artist has some obvious chops, as is displayed in various points of realism. The art was something I was really excited about, so allow me to geek out over it for a bit. I feel like this book is going to be a lasting influence on me and an artist and writer. If you're familiar with the Finnish series of children's books (and cartoons) called The Moomins, this style is not dissimilar. Also, I'm personally a huge fan of water color and pencil lines in my own work, which is the predominate medium used here. Though, personally I can never quiet pull it off as effortlessly as is done here. In fact, this comic was originally published in France - this is not my first French comic, but it is enough that I can say that I love French and Belgian comics - particularly their illustration and sequential narratives (something you pay more attention to when you can't speak the language). Luckily, this book is in English now.

The story is described as an "anti-fairy tale." I would have to correct you if you would describe it as Grimm-Like, because people are under the false impression about the Brothers' Grimm fairy tales. It is dark and creepy, but largely the horrifying thing is the naivety of the cute little characters. If it's read as a fable, it can be seen as a message about our own oblivious society. But I have so many questions about this book - is Aurora (the cute little girl centered around the story) the soul of another little girl? Are her friends dying off as the body decays - do they represent other parts of the ego? Have I been doing too much research on Jungian theory in fairy tales? Am I completely over thinking this?? Probably.

This was a quick read - I finished it along with my Sunday morning coffee. But it's a delight. Though the art is cuter than a buttermilk biscuit, I still wouldn't, say, give it to a child to read. It is disturbing at times, so consider the child's maturity before handing it off to them. It can still be easily enjoyed by adults, as well.

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