Friday Payday: Shopping for the book lover

I've been meaning to write about this, but maybe the time is now.
I love the line Out of Print - you can find your favorite vintage book covers printed on t-shirts, tote bags, iPhone cases - and book inspired accessories galore!
For a "limited time" their pull-over sweaters are on sale for $30 - which is the moment I've been waiting for, to be honest. I snapped up a Le Petite Prince sweater without a backwards thought. I've been eyeing it for a while, and I can't wait until it gets cool enough for me to wear, as I'm sure it will get grody from never wanting to take it off.
aside: I'm one of those dreaded aunties who will never buy children toys as gifts - but my favorite books. For newborns I always buy a copy of Runaway Bunny, and when they're old enough to have a story time, I'll get around to sharing The Little Prince. I only read the book when I was still in high school while trying to translate it from French, except I read it in English to get a clearer understanding. Anyway, I'm very sentimental about this book and well up a little when thinking about it.
I have a few other products from Out of Print, including the Jane Eyre tote bag which I've beat up and patched back up as much as I could. It would be better to buy a new tote bag to replace it at this point, but I have a hard time letting it go because Jane Eyre! I was also given one of their Pride & Prejudice notebooks for Christmas last year. The neat thing about those is that while the pages are lined, the lines are actually teeny-tiny text (from Huckleberry Finn, I think). This line is amazing and fun - but it doesn't end there! There's a little for me and a little for you; with every purchase they will donate a book to a child in need. It doesn't get any sweeter than that.

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