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Hey there, here's a little update post. Things might look a little different on the blog - We have a spiffy new layout! 

There are a few visual kinks I'd like to work out. But for now, I'll just let them be. (I don't think they're bothering anyone but me - but if you have any recommendations - please comment back and I'll try my best to fix them!)

With that out of the way, my October Reading List is going great! I'll try to have a new review or two up for you to read before next week! Thanks to my friends who suggested tons of great books. There's no way I'll be able to read them all before the end of the month - it's possible I might still being reading some in November! (I don't think anyone would mind that, would they?)

Speaking of Next Month - it'll be NaNoWriMo again before you know it! I'll be participating again this year, and you can check my daily progress with the neat little widget in the side bar. I've been doing tons of research for this project since the end of last winter - now I just have to write it! Thankfully, a lot of my friends are participating, which can be a helpful thing. I'll personally be writing in a notebook, and keeping count with the Writeometer app and maybe keeping tabs on other participants in my area via the NaNoWriMo website. Last year I attended a write-in at my local library and met tons of cool people. I may not have time to this year, but check your library to see if such things are available in your area!

That's all for now - later, Toots!

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