Remember Me? by Sophie


I've been a fan of Sophie Kinsella's light, witty novels since college. They're nice to turn to when you're feeling a little over-done. One of these days I'll pick up another hefty, deep novel, but lately I just haven't been in the mood for it. I needed something to read while on vacation, after-all.

Remember Me? is a rom-com, chick-lit, novel about Lexi Smart, a woman who has just woken up from amnesia. I know, Cliche City. Lexi's last clear memory occurred 3 years ago, and now that's she's awoken she's a completely different person: richer, prettier, and married. There's a lot of catching up for Lexi to do. She doesn't even know her husband, she's now a top boss at work and everyone seems to hate her, and then there's this man named Jon...
Honestly, there isn't much to this novel. It was fun and funny, but even though the main character suffers from amnesia, one of the most over-done plot devices known to man, I still think it was pretty original. I happen to enjoy trivial and trite stories like exactly like this one - like sci-fi, there's a sense of fantasy and unbelievably to it, but we can still enjoy it without taking it too seriously. I loved Lexi's character, she's flawed and totally discombobulated by the fact that she suddenly woke up in a stranger's perfect life. Except, it isn't perfect. She's slowly acclimating to it, but she knows all along that she would rather the old life she had. I suppose success does that - "the grass is always greener," as they say. She's also slowly figuring out why she ended up with the life she ended up with. What events and decisions (and mistakes) that led her to this. Yeah, this seems like a goofy book, but it's also deep in it's way.

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