New Years!

Happy 2013 to all you bookworms out there! I hope you all enjoy your parties & r-and-r!
Let's talk resolutions - This year, I'm resolving to read 60 books or more (I succeed with this in 2012, even though I didn't have a lot of free time to devote to reading thanks to school). I'd also like to start writing a little more, perhaps some short stories or poetry? Nothing I'd ever show off, but it's good to exercise for your brain.

I haven't ever talked much about why I'm not a big fan of eReaders like Kindle or Nook, have I? I've had two eReaders since eReaders were a thing, both of them Christmas gifts. The first one didn't do a good job of saving my bookmarks (you'd think that would be a simple enough function for an electronic book) and I decided it was cheaper and a million percent easier to bookmark an actual, physical book. Then last year I got an older Kindle (after my mom replaced it with the Kindle Fire) and I read one entire book on it. It wasn't easy on my eyes, and a lot of the books I wanted to read I could easily find in the local libraries or for cheaper in the used bookstores I frequent. I guess I've never really given eReaders a good, solid chance. There are pros and cons to both. For instance, meat space books don't require battery charges. Ever. And eBooks don't attract colonies of silver fish.
I bring up eReaders because some of you may have gotten one for Christmas this year. (If you've gotten the Kindle Fire HD, I'm only a little bit jelly because that means you can read MAGAZINES without having to deal with recycling) And I found my Kindle under my bed while chasing my new kitten, Gatsby. Yes, of course his name is Gatsby. I have a book blog. Anyway. My Kindle has been hiding under my bed for almost a year. To my glee, I discovered I actually bought new books for it during the year and have no memory of it. The Handmaiden's Tale? The Marriage Plot? Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance? All pretty legit books to find under your bed. So this year I resolve to give the ole eReader a second chance.

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