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Sorry guys, I'm still not quiet ready to update with a new book review. But I don't want to keep you guys completely in the dark.
This morning I watched a little YouTube video about a special book from The Smithsonian, and for the rest of the day, I just couldn't stop thinking of it. I don't really expect to find this book at my local booksellers, but I wouldn't mind having it in my personal collection.
As it is, I owe you guys a serious update. So I'm going to go all out and make this post about those special "books of my dreams" I've been wishing for.

First, This is the book I was just telling you about. If you know me, you know I have a certain affection for this topic. My last year of college, I spent a lot of time looking at similar plates, reading up on it. I had a lovely little book called "Natural Curiosities" in my back pack at all times. So this historic, scientific documents have been a huge influence for me. This video is really, really interesting, too. And if you want to look at more images you can find in the book, here's a good place to go.

The next book on my wish-list is Robert K. Massie's biography on Catherine The Great, which was released last winter or fall, I don't recall which. Anyway, now that it is out in paperback, it should be more affordable for someone like me, though no less intimidating. As much as I love reading books of history, they are rarely light reading.
Still, I love learning about powerful women. I like having strong female figures to look up to, and Catherine the Great is definitely one it doesn't hurt to be well-versed on. Speaking of powerful female figures, one of the best ones in modern times passed recently. I'm speaking of the amazing Margaret Thatcher. No, I'm sure she had no relationship to Catherine, so I'm just going to move on with my list.

The next book on my list is Ruth Ozeki's very, very recent A Tale For The Time Being, which is "Time BEing" as in a person - not as in "Oh, for the time being..." The premise of this story sounds really, really interesting - though also kind of trippy. In the way that the Japanese have mastered. From what I understand, the story is of a Canadian writer who discovers a Japanese school girl's diary washed up on a beach - in a Hello Kitty lunch box. (You can be sure, it was the Hello Kitty lunch box that got my attention at first.) From there, rest assured, things will get very much off the beaten track. This book is sure to be an original - so original, in fact, you will probably stop to scratch your dry, flaky scalp in befuddlement.

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