Take the Pledge to Give Books!

Hey All!
Thanksgiving isn't even upon us yet, but I'm sure we're all trying to force that Holiday Enthusiasm! I came across this cool little thing on Pintrest today, and I thought it needed to be shared here too! Chronicle Books has a campaign to give 10,000 books to kids this holiday season. This is something I really care about - so I didn't hesitate to participate.
They're also asking that you add books to your Christmas shopping list this year, too. Most of my family and friends (sometimes begrudgingly) have come to expect this from me already. Amazon has a time saving feature where you can send ebooks to your friends' Kindles - which I'm trying out for the first time this year. My brother, who doesn't ever read any of the books I give him for Christmas, is still going to get a book wither he likes it or not (it's become a kind of joke between us - I buy him books he won't read, he buys me video games I can't play - but we do it anyway, because it's what we're best at buying). But more importantly, I give books every year to children - my cousins and the children I babysat while I was in college. Because I understand that traditions like this are important and become treasured. I understand that it instills a love of reading and (more importantly) learning early on. AND I understand that for Christmas and birthdays, children tend to get an overwhelming amount of clothes and toys as gifts, and if anyone appreciates the change of pace, their parents do. So consider giving a book this year, people!

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