Christmas Gift Ideas for Warrior Princesses


Hey guys! I thought it would be good form to make a quick list of things I thought would be neat Christmas gifts for little Warrior Princesses! Maybe as godparents or if you have a niece you might want to get her something that breaks down the gender-roles? Here are some ideas I got while out and about:
  1. Goldie Blox: This is a cool game for girls that got funded through a KickStarter a while back. Basically, it teaches little girls the bare-bones basics of Engineering. I mean, that's pretty rad, right? There are tons of toys out there that encourage basic engineering, but are marketed for boys. Besides, there is a business suit koala and sweater vest sloth figurine in this game which I can promise you, you won't find that anywhere else.
  2. LeapFrog Games: Okay, most kids actually have a LeapFrog device somewhere at the bottom of their toy chests. They might have gotten them last year and played with it for a bit and then got bored with it and never touched it again. But looking at the games for girls, I got really excited. Here's why - most of the ones marketed for girls teach.... MATH AND SCIENCE! I mean, how cool is that? There's this myth that so many of us believe that girls can't be good at either math or science - and sometimes that turns out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. But, even though it isn't my personal strength even I have to recognize that it's BS.
  3. Perfectly Percy: This is a picture book. It doesn't exactly encourage a child's interest in math or science, but I do strongly advise considering giving books every year. And this book is so adorable I don't think it should really be allowed. I may have gotten emotional while reading it in the store - not because it's sad or anything. Just because it's really cute.

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