The She-Hulk Diaries

I'd forgotten altogether about this crazy, insane idea that Marvel Comics had earlier this year - to take some well liked heroines and write them into Chick-Lit. Now, I'm all about comic book publishers pulling in more female readers, or more importantly giving their existing female readers more attention. And, I think I speak for most of us when I say this isn't exactly what we had in mind.
But it isn't not what we had in mind either? I see this as a risky move on Marvel's part, but mad props all the same.
So I have in my hands a romance novel: Okay. A romance novel about She-Hulk: Ooooookaaaay... Marvel has a lot of cool heroines and personally Shulky is about the most ironic and hilarious choice you could make for a romance novel. It's no wonder so many of us were feeling a little hedgy about it.

Let me start with the Cons, as I'm sure we can't ignore their existence: This book wasn't wholly original - it was basically Bridget Jones' Diary: She-Hulk edition. That might be fine actually - I don't know many women who don't genuinely love Bridget Jones' Diary, so you could pretend it was just a coincidence and not let that bother you. I tried this, and it helped some. But not enough to make me un-wish the wish I'd made about it being more original. Besides, there's a new Bridget Jones book out that more readers will be interested in instead.
Putting that aside, this book doesn't disappoint because it's exactly what you would expect from it: cheesy, but fun! Don't expect more than that - that's exactly what comic books and romance novels have in common. (I'm personally not crazy about modern comic books that get on the dark, gritty side - I feel like those quite miss the point of what it is to be a comic book)

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